Connective Clarity?

What is it exactly? What difference does it make? How can it be established?
The experts in providing answers to these questions are not at all interested in writing a book about it. They are too busy eating grass while being very alert to their surroundings, thoroughly choosing their actions in every moment, in constant interaction with each other. They live the concept of Connective Clarity by example because it is a part of their essence, communicated by a very simple yet powerful language that I named Unencumbered Communication (see Part 1).

In this book I am translating the answers that horses would give to the questions above, guiding you towards a Connective Clarity model. The model will be built up in Part 1 and Part 2 and, (if you can’t wait to have a look), shown in Part 3. In small and practical steps this book reveals how the answers and the model can inspire you as a leader in a natural, Solution Focused way.
Solution Focus is omnipresent in nature. I come across it every day in working with horses as a Solution Focus coach and consultant, mainly in academic contexts. The insights I have got from natural horse behaviour have thoroughly enriched my view on leadership communication.

Actions will describe this better than words. After all, the best hope I have for you reading this book is not that you merely understand the concept of Connective Clarity, nor that you become experts in horse behaviour. The best hope I have for you when reading this book is that you adopt the typical mindset that horses have, which is, “Interesting!” and feel challenged to actually take small steps to establish Connective Clarity as from the first chapter.

Connective Clarity - Wendy van den Bulck

PART 1: From the Inside Out: What Do You Communicate?

  • Step 1: Have a Clear message
  • Step 2: State Your Message as You Intend to
  • Step 3: Be Understood as You Intend to

Part 2: From the Outside In: Dealing with Situations

  • Core Element 1: See Options through Attention 360
  • Core Element 2: Make Choices by Defining a Direction
  • Core Element 3: Become Meaningful through Powerful Invitation
  • Core Element 4: Dare to Take Small Steps as a Result of Thoroughness
  • Core Element 5: Assertiveness in Inter-Action: Do You Really Mean It?

Part 3: The Connective Clarity Model In Practice

  • Act out of the Right Role
  • Do away with Self-Evidence
  • Embrace Feedback
  • Dare Step into Constructive Confrontations
  • Build a Strong Dynamic Balance in Your Team
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